The biggest questions facing the 2023 NCAA men's selection committee

Selection Sunday is finally here. The day 363 college basketball teams circle on their calendar at the start of a season -- and the day millions of fans around the country get ready to fill out brackets.

But we're not quite ready for that yet. The NCAA tournament selection committee has a few hours left to whittle down the field to 68 teams and get them in the right order.

Given the lack of bubble teams making deep runs in their conference tournaments, the field itself is nearing some sort of consensus. There are only one or two teams not in the majority of brackets that should feel any sort of optimism about their chances.

There has also been plenty of movement closer to the top of the bracket, with battles heating up for the top seeds.

How will the committee sort through the issues at the top of the bracket and shuffle through the teams around the cut line? Here are the biggest questions the members have to answer:

1. Which team gets the final 1-seed?