Ranking all 84 men's national champions, including 2023 winner UConn

Congratulations, Huskies. You've joined an esteemed group of 84 national champions. Come to think of it, a fair share of those teams have been named UConn over the past 24 years (5 now). Again, well done.

With the 2022-23 season in the books, it's time to rank all the men's national champions in NCAA tournament history. Starting with Oregon in 1939 and running right up through Dan Hurley's team in 2023, we've done our level best to weigh the relative strength of each team.

Did we actually observe Oregon firsthand in 1939? Well, no. But we're all about research and we do love our hoops. Anyway, see what you think.

Here's our ranking of all 84 national champions in men's tournament history: