Top high school basketball players in next recruiting classes

Tre Johnson, a shooting guard from Dallas, led his high school team to the 6A state title with 29 points in the championship game. Richard Johnson photo

It is time to look ahead to the new high school basketball player rankings for future classes. The evaluation period for college coaches will begin this weekend. In the months ahead, we will start to see and separate which prospects are ready to break out from the pack.

To be No. 1 in any class, a prospect must have the appropriate talent and character traits. One thing to keep in mind: An athlete's on- and off-court character can protect and enhance their giftedness.

From a basketball lens, the evaluation process is a combination of many factors, including dominating high school performances with efficiency, productivity with consistency; physical and mental markers for future college success; and projecting out as an NBA lottery pick in the future.

As with any rankings board, it will be ever changing as the seasons change. We will revisit each class in a few months.

Meet the No. 1 prospects in the 2024, 2025 and 2026 classes.