President Obama bounces back

Louisville made quite a rally. President Barack Obama did, too.

The president's NCAA tournament bracket looked a lot better Sunday when he correctly picked 14 of the 16 teams to reach the regional semifinals.

After the first round, Obama ranked in the bottom 5 percent of the 5-plus million fans who entered ESPN.com's pool. But following a strong showing in the second round, he broke into the top half -- he was in 2,167,290th place. Only four brackets are tied for the lead at 620 points (46-2).

The only two teams he missed for the round of 16: 12th-seeded Arizona and fourth-seeded Xavier. Obama had Wake Forest and Florida State advancing that far. He wasn't alone. Only 409,623 brackets (8.85 percent) picked Arizona to advance the Sweet 16 and 82,612 (1.8 percent) of the entries predicted Arizona to defeat Cleveland State in the second round.

Louisville came back in the final minutes to stop Siena. Obama has the Cardinals losing in the championship game to North Carolina.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.