Eight burning Final Four questions

ESPN.com writers Pat Forde, Andy Katz, Dana O'Neil and Mark Schlabach have arrived in Detroit and are ready to give you the answers to the weekend. Who wins? Who stands out? Our experts give you their predictions.

What are you most looking forward to?

Forde: I'm most looking forward to finding out how big the Michigan State home-court advantage is and whether that can tangibly aid the Spartans in pulling an upset of powerful Connecticut.

Katz: Seeing how much of an advantage Michigan State has inside spacious Ford Field.

O'Neil: I'm anxious to see whether Villanova can avoid getting sucked into an up-and-down game with North Carolina and instead make this the down and dirty kind of game that has been the Wildcats' trademark in this NCAA tournament. If they can, the Cats have a chance. If they can't, they'll have a tough time.

Schlabach: The crowd's reaction when Michigan State takes the court at Ford Field. This city needs something good to happen, and Spartans coach Tom Izzo is capable of getting it done in his school's home state.

If you had to start your own team, which player from the Final Four would you pick?

Forde: Hasheem Thabeet. Go big, and go defense.

Katz: Ty Lawson, North Carolina

O'Neil: Ty Lawson, North Carolina

Schlabach: Ty Lawson, North Carolina

How about a player flying under the radar who might come up big?

Forde: Danny Green, North Carolina

Katz: Ed Davis, North Carolina

O'Neil: Corey Fisher, Villanova

Schlabach: Danny Green, North Carolina

What's the one individual matchup everyone should keep an eye on?



Forde: Travis Walton, Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, vs. A.J. Price.

Katz: Scottie Reynolds, Villanova, vs. Ty Lawson, North Carolina

O'Neil: Travis Walton, Michigan State, vs. A.J. Price, Connecticut

Schlabach: Goran Suton, Michigan State, vs. Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut

What one player is most important to his team's success?

Forde: Ty Lawson, North Carolina

Katz: Goran Suton, Michigan State

O'Neil: Ty Lawson, North Carolina

Schlabach: Scottie Reynolds, Villanova

Who is going to win Saturday's semifinal games?



Forde: Connecticut and North Carolina

Katz: Michigan State and North Carolina

O'Neil: Connecticut and Villanova

Schlabach: Connecticut and North Carolina

Who will be crowned champion Monday night?

Forde: North Carolina

Katz: North Carolina

O'Neil: Connecticut

Schlabach: North Carolina

Who will be Most Outstanding Player?



Forde: Ty Lawson, North Carolina

Katz: Ty Lawson, North Carolina

O'Neil: A.J. Price, Connecticut

Schlabach: Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina