Granger says New Mexico didn't recruit him

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Danny Granger said Tuesday he transferred to New Mexico from Bradley University after getting fed up with coach Jim Les -- not because of any wooing from the Lobos' staff.

Granger quit the team in January. Bradley athletic director Ken
Kavanaugh believes New Mexico's coaching staff induced Granger to
transfer while still enrolled at Bradley, a violation of NCAA rules.

Granger denied that the Lobos talked to him about transferring.
He said he and Les never developed a good relationship, and when
Bradley lost several games early in the season, Les became verbally

"I saw a side of Coach Les I had not seen,'' he said. "I felt I couldn't trust the man and he intimidated me. It was difficult to play through all of that.''

But New Mexico coach Ritchie McKay acknowledged last week that assistant coach Duane Broussard violated an NCAA rule that prohibits contact between coaches at one school and athletes at another.

McKay, in his first season at New Mexico, maintains that contact
between Broussard and members of the Bradley basketball team was
innocent, violating the letter of the law but not the spirit.

Granger said that when he informed Les he was leaving, Les
threatened to ruin his career and to have the school to which he
transferred investigated.

"Many people have had access into our basketball program and
have witnessed my dealings, not only with Danny, but with the rest
of our team and they have drastically different accounts of our
relationships,'' Les said in a statement.