Commenting on the Power 16 ...

A sampling of comments from users this past week regarding the Power 16 posted Dec. 9:

"No. 1 has to be Kentucky. Just beating a tough, tested Michigan State team in front of more fans than anyone has ever played before makes UK No. 1. So Andy go ahead rank us below teams with one and two losses. We are the best with the exception of maybe Georgia Tech."
-- Philip Newman
Lexington, Ky.

"Let's see here. They've beaten AP No. 1 Connecticut, handled Ohio State, Texas Tech, a decent Saint Louis team, and yet where do the 'Experts' have them ranked? 8th (Dick Vitale) and 12th (Jay "I'm a Dukie" Bilas -- who will again swear there's no conspiracy). Still, Georgia Tech is ranked below Duke, who already has a loss, and who's 'Major' win so far was against Michigain State, who is proving early in the season that the No. 6 ranking was just a little bit high, to say the least. How does this happen? No Duke Bi(l)as? I think not. I believe an explanation is in order."

Rich Glazerman
GT '02
-- Rich Glazerman, GT '02
Foster City, Calif.

"Thank You Andy Katz! The only ESPN analyst who can recognize a top 20 basketball team when they see one in Vanderbilt. As a die-hard Vandy fan, I wanted to express my appreciation for you giving the Commodores the respect they deserve in your rankings. Try to shed some light to Vitale and Bilas, will ya?"
-- Kent Brown
Marietta, Ga.

"Florida State is unbeaten at 8-0 and still not considered in your Power 16? Granted the schedule has been easy to this point, but they certainly deserve some consideration when some of you have Florida ranked after two consecutive losses. Wake up and don't be so afraid of the mighty ACC ... and give Georgia Tech it's fair shake and put them up at the top. They have only beaten all of your 'top' teams week in and week out!"
-- Don Johnson
Dayton, Ohio

"George Mason and Cleveland State. What do these teams have in common? Both led at halftime in their games against North Carolina! First-half play like that will catch up to the Tar Heels when they face the likes of Georgia Tech, Duke, and Wake Forest."
-- Batter Dean
Green Lake, Wash.

"If you look at records in 'half-games,' ACC dominance becomes evident. As of Dec. 14, Georgia Tech has not lost a half in eight games (16-0, 1.000). Of the top 14 teams in the polls, the next best records by half belong to Wake Forest (11-1), Duke (12-2) and UNC (10-2). Next in line are Texas and St.Joe's, but from there, it gets ugly. Namely Missouri, which is only a glaring 4-4 in its 4 games. Keep your eye on the ACC!"
-- Chris Junker

"I think Mississippi State deserves a spot in the Power 16 and more importantly in some polls. They are undefeated!! They are returning a pretty impressive lineup from last year's squad. The void from Mario Austin has been filled by the Baylor transfer Lawrence Roberts. The missing spot at point has been absorbed by returning guard Timmy Bowers and true freshman Gary Evrin (rated by ESPN as the No. 3 point guard out of high school). Give my DAWGS some credit!"
-- V Patel
Jackson, Miss.

"Thanks to all for the lack of respect! The head coach for Marquette said it best in a live Phoenix radio show interview last Friday, 'Arizona was one basket away from being No. 1, so you have to give them the respect they deserve.' I guess since the Pac-10 doesn't play on the East Coast it doesn't count as much. That's OK though, Arizona will just go on doing what they have been doing for the past 18-20 years, that's all, being the winningest Division I men's basketball program in America, Bar NONE!"
-- Paul Dufek
Gilbert, Ariz.

"Where is Gonzaga? These rankings are ridiculous. Are you guys serious? Gonzaga can play with anyone in the country right now. They have more depth than any other team in the country and they deserve to be at least 10 and 14. They took Mizzou to school, and if your argument is that they lost to Saint Joseph's, well then you're right, they lost to St. Joe's in New York, 3,000 miles away from Spokane for the first game of the year. I say, 'rematch' on a neutral court and Gonzaga will blow them out. You guys are all about the ACC and East Coast. I believe Gonzaga has earned the respect they deserve, so give it to them."
-- Darren Nichols
Spokane Wash.

"Where are the Bearcats!! They have completely blown out every opponent, some of which have given top 10 teams tough games. Many top teams are struggling against the same caliber of competition, so why doesn't someone rank Cincinnati higher?"
-- Keith Collins
Lebanon, Ohio

"How about Auburn? I know they don't play a very competitive early schedule, but this is a Sweet Sixteen team from a year ago and returning three starters. The SEC just doesn't get much respect in basketball."
-- Mark Hall
Montgomery, Ala.

"Next week's poll has to include BYU. They have the best center in the country and now that he knows how to stay out of foul trouble, he is going to be unstoppable like he has been for the last week. This team is going deep into the NCAAs this year and they should start getting recognized."
-- Cougarfan
Provo, Utah

"This is why I love college basketball. The powers that be on the Power 16 have Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, and Texas as the top four. So, what happens? Florida loses twice, Missouri loses, and Texas looses. Granted these teams all lost to other great teams (Louisville, Gonzaga, Arizona, etc.). I like Jay Bilas's stand on the poll's: No number one, just start at No. 2. Go Kentucky!"
-- Eric Mudd
Glasgow, Ky

"It's amazing that after back-to-back Big Ten championships the Wisconsin Badgers receive no respect. Four of you so-called experts dropped Wisconsin out of your top 20. I understand they lost a game, but it was on the road to a top 25 team. Maryland is a very dangerous team. A team that can beat anyone on any given night. Sure they are young, but very dangerous. And Wisconsin lost in overtime. It's not like they were run out of the gym."
-- Mike
Pardeeville, Wis.