Huggins to attend alcohol education class

FAIRFAX, Ohio -- Suspended Cincinnati basketball coach Bob Huggins was ordered to attend an alcohol education course Tuesday after pleading no contest to a drunken driving charge.

Huggins was ordered to pay a $350 fine plus court costs and
attend the three-day state-certified intervention program by
Magistrate John Holschuh Jr. of the Fairfax Mayor's Court. Holschuh
suspended a six-month jail sentence and $650 of a $1,000 fine
provided Huggins completes the other requirements.

Huggins also can't drive for 15 days, and then he will be
limited to driving to and from work, for medical purposes and other
special circumstances for the remainder of a six-month period.

Huggins' lawyer, Richard Katz, entered the plea, and the only
time Huggins spoke was to reply "No, sir," when asked by the
magistrate if he had anything to add.

Huggins and his lawyer exited through a back door of the
courtroom and were not available for comment.

Huggins was arrested June 8, and the police report said Huggins failed a sobriety test and had vomit on the inside of his car.

Cincinnati placed Huggins on indefinite suspension, and top assistant Dan Peters was named interim coach on Monday.