Report: Martin expresses displeasure at Bearcats

Kenyon Martin no longer wants to be affiliated with the University of Cincinnati because the school forced coach Bob Huggins to resign.

The forward, one of only three players to have his number retired by the Bearcats, expressed his displeasure during a charity event honoring the coach Thursday night. Martin said he'd like to have his number un-retired and taken off the wall at the arena.

"This is personal between me and the university," Martin said, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. "The way I feel, I want my name no longer affiliated with the University of Cincinnati. I would like them to take my jersey down and get rid of my locker and my trophies."

Coaches Rick Pitino of Louisville, Tubby Smith of Kentucky, Bobby Lutz of Charlotte, and John Calipari of Memphis, as well as former players and fans attended the roast, which will benefit Huggins' Emanuel Center charity and the Salvation Army's Hurricane Katrina fund.

Huggins thanked Cincinnati and its fans, and told the appreciative crowd he'll be back on the sidelines eventually.

"I'm going to coach again," Huggins said, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. "I don't have any idea where. I'm not one of those guys that's going to run around hoping someone gets fired. That's for sure. I've never lived my life that way. ... If the right opportunity comes, then we'll do it."

His fellow coaches expect to see him there soon.

"He'll be missed, but it will be the same way it went for Bob Knight when he left Indiana," Pitino said. "I think this will rejuvenate Bob [Huggins] and get him to sort of see where he wants to have his last stint coaching, where he wants it to be. Follow the teams, maybe do a little TV work. Get back into it the way he wants."