Izzo criticizes Hawaii fans for booing injured player

HONOLULU -- Michigan State coach Tom Izzo criticized Hawaii
fans for booing his injured player who had to be taken off the
court on a stretcher for severe cramps Saturday.

Shannon Brown, the third of four Michigan State starters to
suffer cramps, missed a 3-pointer and collapsed in front of the
team's bench, grimacing in pain for several minutes during
the Spartans' 84-62 loss.

Brown was taken off on a stretcher with 6:36 left as Hawaii led

"When they were booing, that kid was in absolute pain from his
neck to his feet," Izzo said. "I'll be honest with you, that was
the maddest I've ever been as a basketball coach since I've been in

The crowd of 8,802 booed as the game was delayed for several

"I thought the fans were ridiculous," Izzo said.

During the delay, Izzo walked over to Rainbow Warriors coach
Riley Wallace and told him to alert the fans that Brown was truly

"The rule is, as long as he's down on the floor, the game is
delayed," Wallace said. "If the fans were explained the rules ...
Hawaii fans are classy. They're not going to boo a kid that's hurt,
ever, and they cheered him when he got up and left."

Wallace said emotions may have taken over at that point.

"Tom was a little frustrated at that point, and I would've
been, too," Wallace said. "Especially when you got some of your
best players going down with cramps, you definitely want to take as
much time, try to get them hydrated and get them in there."

Izzo also complained about a remark made by one of Hawaii's
training staff, apparently to promptly remove his player from the

"When that guy's laying on the court like that, for their
trainer or doctor or whoever it was to say something, I thought
that was completely ridiculous," Izzo said.

"Don't make that the story. We didn't play well. They played
well. They deserve the credit they get. The fans deserve the insult
I'm giving them," Izzo said.

Brown, who had nine points in 26 minutes, was covered with bags
of ice in the training room after the game.

Wallace said Izzo's comments were understandable.

"If I was at Michigan State, I would've said they were screwing
us and everything else," Wallace said. "The ranting and raving,
that's our job. That's our business."

Wallace called Izzo a "class act."

"He's trying to win. He's protecting his players and he just
wanted them to know, he wasn't doing that on purpose," he said.