Judge denies Dotson's murder conviction appeal

WACO, Texas -- A judge has denied a former Baylor basketball player's request to appeal his murder conviction.

State District Judge Ralph Strother issued the decision in a letter sent Tuesday to Carlton Dotson, 23, who is serving a 35-year prison term for the 2003 shooting death of teammate Patrick Dennehy.

Local officials said Dotson is not eligible to appeal his case
because he surrendered his right to appeal when he pleaded guilty
in June. Also, the 30-day deadline to request an appeal has

Dotson wrote a letter last month seeking permission to appeal
his case and asking the court to loan him a transcript of his court

He sent the letter to McLennan County District Clerk Karen
Matkin but addressed it to "The Honorable Justices of the Court of

Although Strother denied Dotson's request, Matkin forwarded a certified copy of the motion to the 10th Court of Appeals "out of an abundance of caution," according to her letter to the intermediate appellate court clerk, Sharri Roessler.

Roessler said Tuesday the court had not received Dotson's

Court officials said that if the 10th Court justices also reject the request, Dotson's next option is to file a writ of habeas corpus, which alleges unlawful incarceration. However, he is not
entitled to a free court transcript in writ proceedings, as
qualified indigent inmates would be in appeals, the officials said.

Dotson's first parole review is set for 2021 when he would be 38
years old, prison officials said.