Knight tweaks OU over Oregon complaints

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight, whose Red Raiders lost to Oklahoma on a controversial call three years ago, said he knows how fans feel about wanting a forfeit after OU's loss to Oregon on Saturday.

Knight called for Oklahoma to forfeit its basketball game with
Tech on Jan. 20, 2003, when the Sooners won 69-64 in overtime at
Norman after two clock controversies in the final seconds of
regulation. Video replay later showed the game clock started late
after OU in-bounded the ball on the game-tying drive.

"Maybe now those people at Oklahoma understand what I was
talking about," Knight told The Oklahoman.

"Had Oklahoma forfeited that game against us like I suggested, they would have gotten far more positive publicity out of that than if they had gone to the Final Four that year. Now I guess the 'duck' is swimming in the other pond."

Oregon scored two touchdowns late to beat Oklahoma 34-33, including the game-winner that came after the Ducks recovered an onside kick. Video replay showed Oregon touched the ball before it went the required 10 yards, but the replay official did not overturn the call.

The replay official, Gordon Riese, who was suspended by the Pac-10 for one game, requested a leave of absence for the remainder of the season, the league announced Wednesday.