Florida's Brewer kicking mono, ready to return to court

Florida's chances of winning another national title got a big boost with good news on the health of Corey Brewer Monday.

Florida officials confirmed to ESPN.com Monday that Brewer's mono test came back negative and he was cleared to practice and be made available for Sunday's game in Tampa against Florida A&M.

The 6-9 junior wing missed the last three games with mono but his spleen never enlarged, allowing him to come back sooner.

Brewer is averaging 11.7 points and 3.6 assists and 4.3 rebounds. He didn't play in wins against Southern and Providence and a loss at Florida State in between the two games. Brewer was feeling sluggish in a win over Western Kentucky and a loss against Kansas in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving.

Brewer had been largely inactive during the past few weeks but gained his appetite back recently, allowing him to put back on weight he had lost.

Andy Katz is a senior writer at ESPN.com.