Top 10 of the last 10: Best programs

Editor's note: The Top 10 lists are an aggregate of the individual ballots from five ESPN/ESPN.com basketball experts. The experts' ballots can be found here.

Early entry into the NBA draft wasn't a new thing when Kevin Garnett took the leap in 1995 from the preps directly to the pros, but when he skipped college altogether, it empowered a new generation of prep stars to reconsider how long they needed to play at the college level.

Whether they followed Garnett's path (like Kobe Bryant in 1996 and Tracy McGrady in 1997) or just started shrinking the amount of time spent in college (like Lamar Odom's one season, in 1999) -- the change in the recruiting landscape to deal with the one- and two-year players ushered in a very new era of college basketball.

As such, we thought it would be intriguing -- and argument-forming -- to take a look at the best of the best of the past decade of college basketball. Over the next five days, we will explore the top 10 programs, individual teams, surprise programs and underachieving programs, and we'll wrap up on Friday with an examination of the 10 programs best positioned for success going forward.

First up: ESPN.com's Top 10 programs of the last 10 years.

Others receiving votes: Texas, Gonzaga

Andy Glockner is a regular contributor to ESPN.com's college basketball coverage and is the host of the ESPNU College Basketball Insider podcast.