Top 10 of the last 10: Best teams

Editor's note: This Top 10 list is an aggregate of the individual ballots from five ESPN/ESPN.com basketball experts. The experts' ballots can be found here.

Two concepts come into play when you compile any "best of" list, especially as the period of time gets longer: the recency effect and how much weight a championship is worth.

The recency effect refers to humans' minds being more aware of (and often more favorable to) the most recent happenings in a series of events. It makes sense -- we can much more readily recall specific moments of greatness from the 2007 Florida Gators than from teams of the late '90s.

When you combine that with the somewhat overrated criterion of winning a national title in a single-elimination tournament format, you can get some skew. Which should you trust more: the end-of-season random championship generator or performance over an entire season? It's possible to have more than one great team in a given season. Why unfairly punish the team that doesn't win the title? Winning six games in March is a big bonus, but it's not absolutely required to be great.

That's not to take anything away from what Florida accomplished this season, but there were teams further back in our evaluation period that were better, including at least one that didn't win the national championship.

As you will see, my colleagues disagree with that position. It will be interesting to see what you think.

Without further ado … today's Top 10: Best individual teams of the last 10 seasons.

Others receiving votes: Florida 2006, North Carolina 1998, Saint Joseph's 2004, Cincinnati 2000

Andy Glockner is a regular contributor to ESPN.com's college basketball coverage and is the host of the ESPNU College Basketball Insider podcast.