Top 10 of the last 10: most underachieving

Editor's note: This Top 10 list is an aggregate of the individual ballots from five ESPN/ESPN.com basketball experts. The experts' ballots can be found here.

How do you define underachieving? It's more than being consistently bad -- there are plenty of programs in Division I that can claim that dishonor. Much like Larry Brown's Knicks, it has more to do with grossly underperforming, given the resources poured into the endeavor and the relative opportunity for success.

The schools that made this list meet that definition. While most of them have faced some sort of bump in the road (academic issues, off-court indiscretions, etc.), those issues are more the effect of years of disappointment (and related coach hires and/or recruiting) than they are the cause.

Flat-out, these programs should be better than they have been. The good news? Most of them appear to be headed in the right direction and likely will not make this list again five years down the road.

Here they are … today's Top 10: Most underachieving programs of the last 10 seasons.

Others receiving votes: DePaul, Iowa, Colorado, Arkansas, Penn State, Northwestern, Purdue, TCU, Kansas State, Evansville, Houston, UCLA, Cincinnati, Nebraska

Andy Glockner is a regular contributor to ESPN.com's college basketball coverage and is the host of the ESPNU college basketball Insider podcast.