Top 10 of the last 10: positioned for success

Editor's note: This Top 10 list is an aggregate of the individual ballots from five ESPN/ESPN.com basketball experts. The experts' ballots can be found here.

There's no one right way to determine the programs that are best positioned for future success in college hoops.

Some of the bluest of blue-blooded programs already have virtually everything in place, and just need a tweak here and there to keep the machine purring. Other nouveau powers have roared onto the scene and have shown the potential (and in one case, the performance) to surge past the establishment and reorder the sport's hierarchy.

So, you try to look at the entirety of the picture -- and the sustainability of that picture -- when it comes to ranking programs. Everything matters -- history, tradition, facilities, administrative support, recruiting reach, conference, TV Q-rating, coaching and fans. The more of those a team has in place -- and the more it looks like they will be in place for the long term -- the better positioned a program is.

Here they are … today's Top 10: The programs best positioned for success in the next 10 seasons.

Others receiving votes: Michigan State, Memphis, Connecticut, Georgetown, USC

Andy Glockner is a regular contributor to ESPN.com's college basketball coverage and is the host of the ESPNU college basketball Insider podcast.