NCAA committee recommends change in goaltending rule

INDIANAPOLIS -- An NCAA committee has recommended changing the goaltending rule so that a ball that is completely above the rim and has already hit the backboard could not be touched, regardless of whether it is on an upward or downward flight.

"This change better defines and discerns the act of goaltending," Brad Jackson, chairman of the NCAA basketball rules committee and coach at Western Washington, said Monday.

Previously, only a ball on a downward flight after touching the backboard was subject to a goaltending call.

The proposal was one of about 50 by a joint subcommittee of the men's and women's rules committee. Only a handful of minor changes were approved, and those must be approved next month by the NCAA's playing rules oversight panel before they would go into effect.

Among the proposals that were approved was one requiring home teams to wear light uniforms and visiting teams to wear dark uniforms, unless both schools agree to a switch. Previously, the light-home, dark-visitor uniforms were recommended, but not required.

The men's committee took no action on proposed changes to the width of the free-throw lane.

"The restricted area arc and the widening of the lane were dimensional changes that were considered and discussed," Jackson said. "However, our committee decided to continue to observe and study the effects these dimensional changes may have on our game."