Jennings may opt for Europe even with good SAT scores

Brandon Jennings is getting fed up and that may lead him to continue his basketball career overseas.

Jennings, the nation's top-ranked player in the ESPN 150 who graduated from Oak Hill Academy (Va.) last month, is considering skipping college for a professional career in Europe if he falls short of the necessary SAT score. He also hasn't ruled out bolting even if he does make the grade.

"It would take a perfect situation," Jennings said. "I need a team that needs a point guard, a coach who would take the time to work with me, an American on the team who could show me the ropes and playing time to show off my game."

That equation would be designed to prepare the 6-foot-2 California native for the 2009 NBA draft.

Jennings, who is expected to receive his latest set of SAT scores on July 5, is not ruling out the University of Arizona, but the latest episode has stirred his ire.

"It's made me mad," he said of the college board's decision to flag his second round of standardized test scores, forcing him to retake them in May. "Even if I get the scores this time, there's no guarantee I'm going to college. No one has answers and the NCAA is a different group.

"Besides I was planning on one year at Arizona."

Christopher Lawlor is a high school sports writer for ESPN.com.