Report: Calathes ran up about $600 in online poker, but didn't bet on sports

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida guard Nick Calathes ran up a significant debt playing poker online, but said Friday night he did nothing illegal.

Coach Billy Donovan and athletic director Jeremy Foley agreed.

The story first reported by Yahoo.com said Calathes amassed a $600 debt playing poker online. Calathes said he wasn't sure about the amount.

"I lost money," Calathes said. "I really don't know how much."

Donovan said he heard rumors about Calathes' gambling debt, but an investigation by the school's athletic department found no evidence of wrongdoing.

"The only thing I'm going to say about any of that stuff is the unfortunate part in all this is nobody on our team has done anything wrong," Donovan said. "It's amazing to me that stories can actually be written or talked about when someone's done nothing wrong.

"We heard the rumors and we reacted to the rumors, responded to them, talked to Nick, talked to the team ... handled the whole situation. To me, it's not even a story. There's no story. Nobody did anything wrong."

Foley said he was confident that Florida had "no eligibility issues" regarding the matter.

According to NCAA rules, student-athletes can't knowingly give information to individuals involved in organized gambling activities, solicit or accept any bets or participate in any gambling activity that involves intercollegiate athletics.

Calathes was in the starting lineup for Florida's season opener against Toledo, finishing with 16 points and seven assists in an 80-58 victory.

"I don't think it fazed him at all," teammate Chandler Parsons said. "None of that stuff is true. He didn't let it affect him, he was worried about Toledo just like the rest of us. Coach Donovan talked to him and the rest of us, and we put all of that stuff behind us. None of that stuff is true."

Calathes averaged 15.3 points and 6.1 assists last season and was named the Southeastern Conference's co-freshman of the year.

He was confident the gambling issue was behind him.

"I did nothing wrong," Calathes said. "I talked to coach Donovan, I talked to the school and there's no problems. I'll be here for the whole season."

Former Florida guard Teddy Dupay was kicked off the team in September 2001 following a six-month gambling investigation by law enforcement. Dupay acknowledged he violated NCAA rules by betting on sporting events.