Pat Knight calls on boy to make a point

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Texas Tech Red Raiders coach Pat Knight grew tired of
watching his team miss shots that even a child could make. So he
found one to illustrate his frustration.

While the Red Raiders (10-4) were busy botching about 15 layups against
Stephen F. Austin on Thursday, Knight scoured the stands and
invited a youngster to join the team huddle.

Knight asked the boy whether he could make layups. The boy said
he could.

"I was just tired of having 18- or 21-year-olds miss layups
that a 12-year-old could hit, so I brought a 12-year-old in to let
them know that he could hit layups," Knight said. "He's 12 and he
can hit layups, so why can't you when you're 18 to 21?"

The psychological maneuver evidentally worked. A layup by Mike Singletary with 8:44 remaining in the game put Texas Tech up 52-36, and Stephen F. Austin (7-4) couldn't cobble together a comeback.
The Red Raiders beat the Lumberjacks 69-55.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.