New NCAA chief: Draft rules on agenda

Incoming NCAA president Dr. Mark Emmert says he'd be interested in a baseball-style rule that would allow college basketball players to either enter the NBA draft out of high school, or commit to college for a set period of time before they are eligibile to be drafted.

Emmert, speaking with Mitch Levy on Seattle radio station KJR on Tuesday, said he would "persuasively" discuss the matter with NBA officials, including commissioner David Stern and NBA Players Association chief Billy Hunter.

Any change in the NBA's draft procedures would have to be part of the sport's collective bargaining agreement between its players and the league.

"I much prefer the baseball model, for example, that allows a young person if they want to go play professional baseball, they can do it right out of high school, but once they start college they've got to play for three years or until they're 21," Emmert, who is leaving the University of Washington to take the helm of the NCAA, said in the interview. "I like that a good deal.

"But what you have to also recognize is that rule isn't an NCAA rule," Emmert said during KJR's interview. "That's a rule of the NBA. And it's not the NBA itself, but the NBA Players Association. So to change that rule will require me and others working with the NBA, working with the players association."

He added: "We'll be having those conversations, because I think it would be good for young people and good for basketball."

Emmert was chosen to lead the NCAA at meetings in April. He is expected to take the post Nov. 1.

"This is a situation where I can't, or the NCAA can't mandate anything," he said. "Jumping down and waving your arms doesn't get it done. You need to sit down with the people that do have responsibility for this -- the NBA -- and say here's why this would be useful for us, how does it work for you, and try to find an arrangement that's mutually agreeable."

As he had in the past, Emmert said he has no authority over the Bowl Championship Series, though the NCAA could step in and run a playoff if the BCS asked it.

He also said that he favors having NCAA penalties follow offenders. He suggested a possible "points" system, where points follow offenders from job to job.