NCAA closes Eric Bledsoe inquiry

The NCAA has officially closed any inquiries into former Kentucky guard Eric Bledsoe's eligibility during his one season with the Wildcats.

"In talking with Birmingham school officials, we confirmed they plan to take no further action in the Eric Bledsoe case," Chuck Wynne, the NCAA's director of communication strategy, said in an email to ESPN.com Tuesday. "With that in mind, the NCAA considers the matter closed. The original decision on Bledsoe's initial eligibility stands."

Last Friday, the Birmingham school board announced that it would not change any of Bledsoe's grades after an independent law firm conducted a review of his academic record that had questions, notably in his algebra grade jumping from a C to an A. The report stated that there were missing grades during his high school career and that there was no way to appropriately judge his transcript.

Bledsoe transferred from Hayes High to Parker High in Birmingham. Bledsoe's records from Hayes were not recovered after the school closed. Craig Witherspoon, the superintendent of the Birmingham schools, ruled that Bledsoe's transcript wouldn't be changed. The NCAA Eligibility Center can only reverse a player's eligibility if it receives a new transcript.

Bledsoe left Kentucky after one season and was drafted in the first round by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Kentucky had been working with the NCAA on the matter to reach an appropriate resolution. Bledsoe was cleared by the NCAA's Eligibility Center to play last season after his initial transcript was received.

Andy Katz is a senior writer who covers college basketball for ESPN.com.