Aircraft carrier game plans move ahead

Michigan State and North Carolina are moving forward with plans
to play a basketball game aboard an aircraft carrier on Veterans'

Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis said Tuesday night
that the long-discussed game is to take place this year in San
Diego's harbor. The schools have been working with Morale
Entertainment to produce the event, which will include a concert on
the converted flight deck.

"We're very pleased with the progress that we've made with the
Pentagon, Morale Entertainment and the University of North
Carolina," Hollis said. "We've been looking at doing this for
eight years to give something back to those who put themselves in
harm's way and to the families they leave behind when they're away
on duty. We wanted to do something unique that could be shown to
troops worldwide on Veteran's Day - 11-11-11 - as a sign of

Hollis says organizers are in discussions with television
networks and potential sponsors to ensure the event is financially

Hollis said capacity on the carrier will be 6,000 with both
schools getting about 500 tickets. The rest will be distributed to
enlisted men and women and their families.

Magic Johnson, who led Michigan State to the national
championship in 1979, is expected to participate in a basketball
clinic for children of troops, possibly with North Carolina legend
Michael Jordan.

"I've got Magic confirmed to be a part of it and you can
imagine who we're trying to get from the other side," Hollis said.