Bruce Pearl looking ahead

Former Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl is waiting to hear from the NCAA on possible punishment. Despite that, he believes he will get another shot at coaching.

"I do think that I'm going to have the opportunity to coach again," Pearl told 790 The Zone in Atlanta. "I've got to wait and see what the Committee on Infractions, what they say, probably coming up sometime in the middle of August and how quickly will they allow me to come back into coaching. That's going to go a long way towards whether or not I do coach again."

Pearl could be punished for the actions that caused him to be fired after this past season. He was under investigation for inappropriate contact with recruits and then providing false information to the NCAA during the investigation.

Pearl said during the radio interview that he answered two questions falsely. He believes if he would have told the truth from the beginning, he would still have his job. Pearl said he is upset with himself for the mistakes he made.

"Do you want me to write the book about how do you lose $10 million jobs? I can write the book," he told the radio station. "How can you be so dumb and so careless? ... It's not so much about what we did, it's about how we handled it.

"I think there was some decisions that we made. Specifically, in my visit with the enforcement staff. I answered about 150 questions. I answered 148 of them honestly. There were two questions that I did not answer honestly. Had I answered those two questions knowingly, willingly, honestly, instead of a week later asking them to come back because I knew I had made a mistake ... you guys would be interviewing the coach at Tennessee."

Pearl said he believes football coach Jim Tressel's transgressions at Ohio State got lumped in with his at Tennessee.

"Originally I thought it was going to be a good thing for me, and you know what? That's a sorry thing to say," Pearl told the radio station. "I read coach Tressel's book, I've heard a lot about him as a coach and a person, and most of it's really outstanding. I think that it wound up hurting me because, times as they are right now, we all kind of get lumped into one, big 'These are the guys that violate the rules. These are the cheaters.' I actually think that trend has kind of hurt me a little bit."