UNC officials try to set up meeting

University of North Carolina officials have reportedly attempted to set up a meeting with former player Rashad McCants about allegations concerning academic fraud that he made on ESPN's "Outside the Lines."

UNC associate athletic director Vincent Ille confirmed to the Charlotte Observer that text messages and a certified letter were sent to McCants, but he had yet to respond.

"I learned today of public statements you have made that indicate your knowledge of potential NCAA rule violations involving the University of North Carolina," the UNC letter to McCants said, the Observer reported. "I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss this in greater detail."

"Outside the Lines" reported on June 6 that McCants said that his tutors wrote his term papers, he rarely went to class for about half his time at UNC and he remained able to play largely because he took bogus classes designed to keep athletes academically eligible.

McCants has stood by his allegations and called on all former players from 2004-05 to release their academic transcripts, which would show whether they, too, took bogus African-American studies classes: "If you want to find the truth, the truth is there in the transcripts," McCants said.

A copy of McCants' university transcript, labeled "unofficial" and obtained by "Outside the Lines," shows that in his non-African-American studies classes, McCants received six C's, one D and three F's. In his African-American studies classes -- many of which are referred to as "paper classes" because students did not have to attend them -- his grades were 10 A's, six B's, one C and one D.

UNC coach Roy Williams has expressed "shock" and "disbelief" over the allegations, and several former players who attended the Williams interview but did not wish to speak on camera echoed Williams' points and vehemently disagreed with McCants' allegations and descriptions of being an athlete at UNC.

The NCAA has since reopened its investigation of UNC athletics, an inquiry that began in 2011.