Coach K: Would like 2-year draft rule

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski expects the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association to continue the one-and-done draft rule because he isn't convinced the players' union would be in favor of moving the draft rule to two years out of high school when the issue next comes before the union and the league.

Krzyzewski said on the ESPNU College Basketball podcast that the current rules likely are here to stay.

"I'm not sure how the players' union would react to that," Krzyzewski said. "They have to represent the players, and if a player is really good, an extra year you spend can cost you tens of millions of dollars. I'm not sure the players' association would take that away from the players. I would like to see it [two years], but it's not a done deal. What we have is probably going to be there for a while."

Former NBA commissioner David Stern and current commissioner Adam Silver have gone on record hoping to raise the age limit from the current 19 years and one year out of high school.

Silver said in April that he has been a proponent of raising the age limit from 19 to 20 because it would help the league and benefit the players. He said at the time that the issue was discussed during the last collective bargaining agreement with then-players' union head Billy Hunter. He said then that it would be broached again when the union had a new head, which it does now in Michele Roberts.

Krzyzewski, who coached the past two Olympic gold-medal-winning teams in 2008 and 2012 and the U.S. team that last month won gold at the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain, has had a number of one-and-done players lately on his Duke team.

Jabari Parker was the No. 2 pick in the 2014 draft, selected by the Milwaukee Bucks, after one season at Duke. Current freshman center Jahlil Okafor is expected to be at Duke just one season and likely will be in contention for the No. 1 pick in the 2015 draft in June.

"One of the things that you try to do in recruiting -- when we knew Parker is going to go and Okafor is going to go -- you try to get to know them at a higher and deeper level before you get them," Krzyzewski said. "The summer is huge [now that incoming freshmen can be on campus and practice]. You have to set the tone right away -- the level of work they have to do and how hard they have to work. You're trying to cram in four years in nine months. There is going to be slippage, and you have to accept some slippage and not be [a perfectionist] teaching everything. How much can I accept while still teaching? Sometimes it works out and sometimes you lose in the first round. That's the culture we're in right now."