Coach K: Okafor to be one-and-done

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski doesn't expect first-team preseason All-American pick Jahlil Okafor to hang around long.

"We won't have him long," Krzyzewski said. "We'll have him this year and then he'll be one of the top [NBA] picks."

Okafor scored 15 points in an exhibition game Tuesday.

"He's really one of the great kids," Krzyzewski said. "He's 6-10, about 265. He has huge hands. So the ball is small in his hands. Part of that hurts him some because he's accustomed to rebounding with one hand, and rebounding is better with two hands. But scoring-wise he's able to do it. He's got incredible touch and really good feet."

Duke has seen its share of one-and-done players of late: Kyrie Irving (top overall pick in the 2011 draft); Austin Rivers (No. 10 pick in 2012); and most recently, Jabari Parker (No. 2 overall in 2014 draft).