More uni changes for new season

Kent State will be sporting a new dark-gray alternate uniform this season. Courtesy Kent State

Last week, we looked at the new uniforms and court designs for the 2014-15 season. But with 351 Division I college hoops teams out there, we were bound to miss a few changes. So here's an additional round of uniform and court changes:

Bucknell will be hosting Penn State on Nov. 28 -- the school's first home game against the Nittany Lions since 1976. To mark the occasion, Bucknell will wear 1976 throwbacks, including some awesome warm-up gear. Note that the throwback jerseys have "Bisons," with an "s" at the end, on the chest, while the school's current branding just has "Bison," without the "s."

Butler has made several small changes to its chest typography and side striping, but the real story is that the lettering for the player names on the back of the jersey looks really big and clunky.

Central Michigan has changed its "Chippewas" chest lettering from arched to straight, among other small changes.

Charleston Southern has a new court design featuring the silhouette of a pirate ship.

• "The uniforms that Creighton wore during last season's NCAA tournament will be the team's primary uniforms for this year," a source tells Uni Watch. "But last year's primary uniforms will still be a part of the rotation as well. They'll be used for 'less important' games. One small change is to the shorts, which now have the Creighton primary logo instead of the old 'Jays' logo."

Davidson has marked its move to the Atlantic 10 with a new court design, which you can see in this video clip of game highlights.

Eastern Kentucky has a new court design.

Kent State now has a new dark-gray alternate uni, which adds yet another chest type treatment to the school's assortment of typographic options.

Louisville and Minnesota coaches Rick and Richard Pitino wore special patches for their season-opening game at the Armed Forces Classic on Friday.

Loyola Marymount's chest lettering from last season looked a bit clunky, but at least it had some character. This season's design looks really plain by comparison.

Manhattan has switched from Adidas to Under Armour, which has given the Jaspers a snappy new look.

• Nice move by Marshall, which has changed its lettering and numbering from boring block type to a fancy script. Sweet!

New Mexico's first two games of the season both featured special uniforms. It's a little hard to see, but the unis for the season-opening game against Idaho State on Friday featured camouflage lettering on the chest and shorts, while the uniforms worn against Cal State Fullerton two days later had turquoise accents -- the signature color of Nike's N7 initiative, which supports Native American athletes.

Nicholls State has updated its Adidas template. "I used the Heat's template and had everything sublimated," says equipment manager Steven Smith, who came up with the new design. "The material is Adidas' new NBA-style mesh. The font is the one that the Pacers and Rockets use." Here's the road version.

Northern Kentucky has changed the color of its front uni number, among other small changes. Here's the new black version.

• Very slight change for Providence, which is going with smaller chest lettering and a new number font.

St. John's has a new set of blue uniforms. Should they be renamed the Blue Storm?

• Remember how detergents used to claim that they would get your clothes "whiter than white"? That's the new look for South Alabama, which has a new set of white unis with white type. Yikes!

• Here's an interesting one: Navy football player Will McKamey, who passed away last spring, was a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, so the Tennessee hoops team honored him last week by wearing his name and number during pregame warm-ups. Rare to see a memorial to someone who played a different sport for a different school.

Utah State has changed its chest mark from the school name to the team name and has also made adjustments to its collar and shorts.

Vermont has a cornucopia of new looks, including a sleeved gray design.

Wyoming has a new court design. Here's a time-lapse video of the floor's installation. The floor is one component of the school's arena renovation, several photos from which can be seen here.

We'll no doubt see more new uniforms before the season is over -- rivalry uniforms, March Madness uniforms, blackout uniforms and so on. Meanwhile, if there are still more changes out there that we didn't cover in last week's column or in this one, speak up. Thanks.

Meanwhile, Over in the NBA ...

As long as we're talking basketball, there's been an unfortunate trend in the NBA, which appears to have a spelling problem -- or, rather, a misspelling problem.

The first indication of this came on Nov. 10, when Pistons center Andre Drummond's name was misspelled on the back of his jersey.

A similar mistake took place two days later. This time Hawks forward Paul Millsap was victimized -- something the Hawks' opponents that night were quick to point out:

The trifecta came two days after that, when the league unveiled this year's Christmas Day jerseys. The jerseys will have the players' first names on the back, rather than their last names, and the NBA's online shop misspelled Dwyane Wade's name -- not on his jersey but in the descriptive text. Wade has probably been dealing with this his entire life, but you would think the league would have learned how to spell his name by this point. The mistake has now been corrected.

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