Big 12/SEC Challenge alters format

The Big 12/SEC Challenge is moving to one day at the end of January in an attempt to create more exposure for the annual event.

The conference matchup, which has been held during multiple dates in November and December over the first two seasons, will take place entirely on Sat., Jan. 30 in 2016.

"Meaningful out-of-conference games often happen before teams find their identity," Georgia coach Mark Fox said. "This move will showcase two great conferences at a time during the season when teams are playing their best."

Said Baylor coach Scott Drew: "It maximizes the exposure opportunity for both conferences and I feel it's a great move for all involved."

However, sources told ESPN that not every coach in the two leagues was in favor of moving a potentially difficult nonconference matchup into the heart of league play.

There were multiples coaches who did not wish to comment about the new setup -- where each conference will host five games. All 10 matchups, which have yet to be determined, will be televised by ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU.

The plan is for the event to continue to be held in late January or early February.