NCAA: Bench rules not being rewritten in response to Monmouth

Monmouth has the best bench in basketball (1:27)

The Monmouth Hawks have become known for their eccentric bench celebrations, and some might even say they have the best celebrations in basketball. (1:27)

At 5-3, the Monmouth Hawks aren't rewriting college basketball history, and apparently, neither is the team's exuberant bench.

In a tweet, ESPN's Jay Bilas said a source told him the NCAA is "currently discussing rewriting bench decorum rules to curtail celebrations of Monmouth bench."

In tweets responding to Bilas, NCAA Director of Media Coordination/Statistics David Worlock said the organization is not rewriting the rules but was reacting to a "request for a rules interpretation and determined Monmouth players aren't interfering w/game. Just having fun, not harming anyone. Spontaneous reactions, not coming on court so all is OK."

Monmouth's excitable subs, nicknamed "The Hawks' Nest" began getting noticed in mid-November during the team's season-opening win at UCLA. Sophomore guard Dan Pillari noticed the cameras zoomed in on the bench mob when they were, as he put it, "going nuts."

"We were like, 'We've got to run with this,'" Pillari recalled. "'We can do some funny stuff.'"

Pillari, along with teammates Greg Noack, Tyler Robinson and Louie Pillari, staged bench meetings following their scout team meetings to discuss possibilities for the upcoming game. In total, they have upward of 23 celebrations to choose from. On any given night, they might go into a game with 12 or 13 in their back pockets, and sometimes they might throw it all to the wind and let improv rule the celebration.

Information from ESPN.com's Chantel Jennings contributed to this report.