Roy Williams on retirement speculation: 'Don't make up crap'

Roy Williams disputes retirement speculation (0:23)

Roy Williams tells the media "You have no frickin' idea what you're talking about" in dispute of retirement speculation. (0:23)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina coach Roy Williams had a response Saturday to speculation he might retire: "You have no frickin' idea what you're talking about."

Williams was leaving his news conference after the fifth-ranked Tar Heels beat No. 11 Miami 96-71 when he returned and referenced a comment from CBS college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb on a pregame show "that I was going to retire and [assistant] Hubert [Davis] was going to replace me."

Williams went on to jab the ex-Oklahoma State player for wearing shorts backward at Kansas years ago. He says he likes Gottlieb but says speculation is "not journalism" and added: "Don't make up crap."

Gottlieb later tweeted there was no news to "report," only talk of health and lingering NCAA issues that "make people think this could be his last year."