Source: Rick Pitino preparing for first scandal interview with NCAA

Louisville coach Rick Pitino will be interviewed by the NCAA sometime in April, a source told ESPN.com on Thursday.

Pitino has yet to meet with NCAA officials regarding the allegations of sex parties involving Cardinals players and recruits at a team dormitory.

The NCAA has been investigating Louisville since Katina Powell, a former escort, wrote in a book that several strippers had sex with recruits and players at parties hosted by former Cardinals staff member Andre McGee.

Powell has met with NCAA investigators, but none of the Louisville coaching staff has yet, the source said.

Louisville self-imposed a postseason ban after conducting its own investigation into the allegations.

The Cardinals finished their season Saturday with a loss to Virginia. Afterward, Pitino told ESPN.com that he was mulling his future at the school but felt "80 percent better" after the chairman of the school's board of trustees made a statement in support of the Hall of Fame coach.