Boeheim makes it clear he thinks ACC doesn't belong in Greensboro

Boeheim says ACC tourney shouldn't be in Greensboro (1:26)

Jim Boeheim hopes the ACC tournament remains in New York City and blasts the idea of the tournament ever returning to Greensboro, North Carolina. (1:26)

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Suffice it to say Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim is not a big fan of Greensboro, North Carolina, the traditional site of the ACC tournament.

Given a soft-toss question after his team's loss to Miami about playing in his home state of New York, Boeheim used the opportunity to riff on why the league should not play future tournaments in Greensboro -- ever.

"There's no reason to play in Greensboro," Boeheim said Wednesday. "The only reason they play there is because the league offices are there, it's always been there, and there are like 150 people who like to have meetings. It should not be there."

The ACC used the recent addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh to expand its reach to Northeast sites, bringing the tournament to Washington, D.C., last season and Brooklyn this year.

The Big Ten, with Maryland and Rutgers expanding its league footprint, has followed suit. Its tourney is in Washington this week and will move up a week in 2018 to play at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Boeheim -- whose team used to participate in the Big East tournament at Madison Square Garden -- argued that the value of playing in bigger markets is far greater than keeping with the same old, same old.

"The media centers, the recruiting centers are Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and New York," he said. "How many good players are in Greensboro? New York made the Big East."

The city of Greensboro, replying to a tweet about Boeheim's comments, took a pointed yet lighthearted approach, tweeting that Syracuse "can lose in the first round anywhere."

Boeheim admitted that his announced retirement after the 2018 season made him feel less handcuffed about speaking his mind -- though the Hall of Fame coach is rarely shy about his opinions regardless of his tenure.

"I'm saying all of this because I don't give a s---," he said with a chuckle. "But this is what's right. Why do you think the Big Ten is coming to New York City? It's a good business decision. Everyone says this is all about business. Well, that's a good business decision."

Brooklyn was chosen as the site of the ACC tournament in March 2014. Since then, several ACC events have been moved as a result of House Bill 2 in North Carolina. The ACC men's basketball tournament, which will return to Brooklyn next year, is not due back in North Carolina until 2019 in Charlotte and 2020 in Greensboro.