Sources: Louisville's Brian Bowen suspended indefinitely amid allegations

Interim Louisville president Greg Postel said Wednesday that one Cardinals player has been suspended indefinitely and withheld from practices and workouts.

Sources tell ESPN that Postel was referring to Brian Bowen, the Louisville player who is featured prominently but not named in federal prosecutors' allegations of corruption in college recruiting.

On Tuesday, federal prosecutors in New York announced charges of fraud against 10 people involved in college basketball. The three-year FBI probe focused on coaches being paid tens of thousands of dollars to steer NBA-bound players toward sports agents, financial advisers and apparel companies.

Postel announced Tuesday that Louisville had been notified of its part in the federal investigation. Wednesday, he announced that basketall coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich has been placed on administrative leave.

The prosecutors' allegations against Louisville include payments of $100,000 from Adidas to the family of an unnamed player, identified as "Player-10," to ensure he signed with the school. ESPN has identified the player as Bowen, a five-star guard/forward who signed with Louisville on June 5.

The complaint alleges that several of the accused men -- including James Gatto, director of global sports marketing for Adidas, and Christian Dawkins, a former NBA agent, worked together to funnel $100,000 to the player's family. Prosecutors say Dawkins told the others that he funneled the money to the player's family at the request of a Louisville coach.