UMBC's epic NCAA tournament upset through the eyes of its Twitter handle

Bilas calls UMBC's upset 'most improbable' (0:30)

Jay Bilas reacts to UMBC defeating Virginia 74-54, becoming the first No. 16 seed to defeat a No. 1 seed. (0:30)

Look, a No. 16 seed had never beaten a No. 1 seed since the NCAA tournament expanded in 1985. Everybody knows that.

That fact wasn't going to keep UMBC or its Twitter handle from having a good time Friday night.

Then, however, the Retrievers started winning -- correction, dominating -- their game against Virginia, the top overall seed. Let's just say, their Twitter handle handled things accordingly.

"As the game kept going on, I let my personality seep into it," UMBC director of multimedia communications Zach Seidel told ESPN. "I figured we'd get some followers, and it was good for the school."

Here's a look at how things unfolded:

Part I: Having fun and dealing with haters

Things got so exciting, we'll forgive the typo.

Part II: Things get real

The game was tied at the half. As things progressed and UMBC kept hitting 3s and beating Virginia on the glass, it became clear that an upset was in the making.

Part III: The unthinkable is really happening

The clock is rolling. The Retrievers can feel it. Clips of this game will live on as long as 16 seeds face No. 1s. And UMBC was just trying to keep its cool ... talking hot dogs.

Part IV: Let's celebrate and handle some more haters

"My TweetDeck broke, like, eight times," Seidel said. "I had to recharge my phone right before the end. But I wanted to have fun with the moment and have people realize we're a fun school."