Mike Krzyzewski: College basketball is 'actually pretty clean'

DURHAM, N.C. -- Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski said the trial surrounding an FBI investigation of corruption in college basketball is a "blip" that doesn't devalue the sport.

"I think [college basketball] is actually pretty clean," he told ESPN on Monday.

The initial trial for the alleged bribery scheme involving multiple Division I coaches and shoe executives could conclude this week in New York City.

Both T.J. Gassnola, a former AAU coach from Massachusetts, and Brian Bowen Sr., the father of Louisville recruit Brian Bowen Jr., have detailed alleged payments that were made or promised to high school and college players in a widespread effort to steer elite athletes to Adidas schools. James Gatto, Merl Code and Christian Dawkins, the trio at the center of the investigation, could all learn their fates in the near future.

"I really haven't followed it that much," Krzyzewski said about the trial during his team's media day press conference on Monday. "I think it's minute, it's a blip. It's not what's happening. ... We haven't lost guys because someone cheated. I haven't paid attention to it because I haven't been affected by it."

North Carolina's Roy Williams said last week he'd never been asked to pay a recruit and added that he's "not familiar with" the devious underworld of college basketball portrayed at the trial.

Krzyzewski said he "understands" Williams. He also said he's more concerned with grad transfers than cheaters.

"Guys have lost jobs because their two best players who were going to return are grad transfers," he told ESPN. "Instead of 'That's my NCAA team,' now it's my 8-22 team. That has happened. I'm more concerned about that kinda stuff than the stuff in New York. I think that's a little sensationalism."