Jim Boeheim clarifies comments

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim said Thursday that comments he directed at ESPN college basketball reporter Andy Katz stemmed from an interview more than a year ago.

Boeheim called Katz an "idiot" and "a disloyal person" after Katz asked him a question in a postgame news conference after No. 6 Syracuse's loss to Connecticut on Wednesday night.

On Thursday, Boeheim told the Syracuse Post-Standard that his issues with Katz stem from a November 2011 interview during the NIT Pre-Season Tip-Off tournament, days after ESPN reported allegations by two former ballboys that they had been molested by Bernie Fine, a longtime assistant on Boeheim's coaching staff:

"He (Katz) asked if he could interview me about the tournament," Boeheim said, according to the Post-Standard. "And I said, 'Yeah, but I can't talk about the (Fine) investigation.' We got in the room and he put me on camera ... and he asked me what I'd told him I couldn't answer. I kept telling him, 'I can't answer that.' And he asked me, like, 10 times on camera. ... And I told Katz right then and there, 'Don't talk to me. Do not try to talk to me again.' "

In a statement, Katz said: "Nothing of the sort took place. There was never any agreement not to ask Fine-related questions. In fact, that was ESPN's first chance to speak with Coach Boeheim after the Fine news broke so of course we would ask him about it. He had just come from a press conference where he addressed it as well. Separately, later in that tournament, he agreed to talk to me on camera for a postgame interview."

Boeheim answered questions from Katz at a news conference after a Syracuse game against Florida in December 2011.