Kevin Ware's memory of injury foggy

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Kevin Ware has yet to watch the video of the play in which the Louisville guard broke his right leg in March.

"Never," Ware said. "When I'm done playing, I will watch it and see what happened."

Ware said his memories of the incident remain foggy.

"It was all a blur to me," he said. "I honestly don't remember much at all about it."

Ware maintains he's ready to be cleared for contact, but Cardinals coach Rick Pitino and the Louisville training staff remain cautious and want to make sure he's strong enough -- mentally and physically -- before giving him the green light.

Ware has been cleared for individual instruction, running at full speed and participating in certain portions of practice. But he remains a spectator when the team does just about any drill that includes contact.

It's evident when watching Ware that he is still regaining the fluidity and explosiveness he had before landing awkwardly and breaking his leg on March 31 against Duke.

"I'm ready for contact," Ware told ESPN.com. "I just want to get my feet wet and see where I'm at."

Ware is nearly seven months removed from the unsettling and emotional injury he suffered in the first half of Louisville's Elite Eight game against the Blue Devils. He said he was fortunate that it was a broken leg instead of a torn ACL, which requires a lengthier rehabilitation process.

"I don't have any pain," Ware said. "My knees are sore sometimes, but I don't have any pain -- and I'm blessed for that."

Ware was optimistic heading into Friday's practice that he'd be cleared to participate in two-on-two contact drills, but trainer Fred Hina -- who worked Ware out before the practice -- did not give him the go-ahead.

"He's doing really well," Hina said. "But he still has strength and confidence to gain. The bone is continuing to heal, and it will for some time."

Pitino recently told ESPN.com that Ware was on track to be cleared for full contact Nov. 1, but Ware is hoping for that target date to be pushed up so he can be ready to go for the season opener on Nov. 9 at home against Charleston.

The mild-mannered and quiet Ware said he's matured since the injury, especially with the rash of attention he received from the media and fans who still send letters.

"I never thought I'd be talking to Michelle Obama," he said. "It's been tough, but there have certainly been things that have happened because of the injury that I never could have imagined."