Uni Watch: Changes keep on coming

Uni Watch says there are pros and cons to the University of Delaware's new attire. Courtesy of University of Delaware

Last week we did what we always do in early November: We published the Uni Watch college basketball season preview, running down the new uniform and court designs for over 60 schools.

And then you folks did what you always do: You helpfully pointed out all the new uniforms we missed. So now we're back with another rite of autumn -- the college hoops season follow-up column, with more than 30 schools' worth of new uniforms and court designs. Ready? Here we go:

• Last week's column provided a front view of Arkansas' new uniforms, but here's a good view -- albeit on the team's mascot -- of the new back-jersey pattern.

Boston College has changed its chest insignia from double-decker to single-decker, along with a bunch of smaller changes.

Bradley has added some serious striping to its side panels.

BYU has adjusted its trim and side panels.

Charlotte's new design has a lot more white space.

• Last week's column noted that Colorado State's new uniforms had removed the orange "A," which had been a shoutout to the school's former incarnation as Colorado A&M. Turns out the orange "A" is included in the new uni after all, only it's been moved to the back of the shorts.

• Major changes for Delaware -- here, take a look. The old-school lettering is nice, but the loss of the gold trim feels like a downgrade. Here's the road version.

• Nowadays, lots of pro and college teams are experimenting with sleeved jerseys. But for a long time, Evansville was the only team that wore sleeves. The Purple Aces moved away from the sleeved look several years ago, but now the sleeves are back!

• The rundown of unusual new court designs in last week's column should have included FIU's new beach-themed floor design. Pass the margaritas!

Gardner-Webb has a new black uniform.

Georgetown and Oregon both wore camouflage uniforms for the season-opening Armed Forces Classic game. You can see additional photos here.

Georgia has changed the color of its uni numbers. If you look closely, you'll also see changes to the side panels and other trim.

• Last week's column mentioned George Mason's new uniforms but didn't mention that the Patriots also have a new court design.

Georgia Southern has switched from Jordan Brand to adidas, which has given the Eagles a much more modern look.

Georgia Tech has gotten a complete makeover. That honeycomb pattern on the side panels mirrors the pattern previously used by the school's football team.

• Last week's column mentioned Hofstra's new uniforms but neglected to include the news that the school is conducting a contest for its new court design.

Idaho State has switched from Nike to adidas, which has given the Bengals more of an old-school look.

Miami (Ohio) has added a memorial patch for former coach Charlie Coles, who passed away earlier this year.

Northern Iowa has kept the same uniforms but has added the players' names to the back. Also: There's a new court design.

Oklahoma State is wearing a patch to mark the 75th anniversary of Gallagher-Iba Arena.

Rice has switched from Nike to adidas, which has changed the jersey lettering and numbering from blue to silver. Man, that number font doesn't work at all with the Rice lettering, eh?

Saint Louis has changed its chest insignia from arched to straight. As you can see, there's also a new pattern on the side of the shorts.

• Big change for Samford, which has switched from Russell Athletic to Nike and has a much snappier look to show for it.

Santa Clara is going with a more traditional template.

• Green and gold always look good together, but the new Siena uniform is particularly tasty. Love those striped socks!

Toledo has a new jersey font and much snazzier side panels.

UConn had previously used red outlining for the "U" in its chest insignia, but now the outlining has been extended to all of the letters, and also to the numbers. As you can see in that photo, there's also a new logo and new red trim for the shorts.

• Last week's column mentioned Virginia Tech's new uniforms but neglected to mention that the Hokies also have a new court design.

Western Kentucky has a new red alternate uni.

• Four Nike-outfitted schools -- Florida State, Nevada, Oregon State and New Mexico -- will wear turquoise uniforms for select November games to commemorate Native American Heritage Month.

Finally, here's a follow-up item worth mentioning: Last week's column mentioned that UCF's new pinstriped uniforms and new "blacktop" court design would probably make for some of the most interesting-looking games of the year. You can decide for yourself by checking out this photo gallery from the Knights' first game. Want to see more? Here are some video highlights:

Do you know of still more schools that have flown under the Uni Watch radar? If you've spotted something you think we missed, first make sure it wasn't already covered in last week's column. If it passes that test, you know what to do.

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