Daily Word: Did Grayson Allen get away with a travel?

Each weekday, our college hoops experts discuss the biggest issues, trends and themes in college basketball.

1. You make the call: Did Duke's Grayson Allen travel or get fouled in the closing seconds at home against Virginia?

Andy Katz: I have polled multiple officials, and they say he traveled before any potential foul. But they also say it's hard to make that call in that split second. Allen does deserve credit for tying to make something happen. But the debate will rage on with no resolution.

Jeff Goodman: Probably both, but let's face it: Virginia isn't getting that call down the stretch at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The true question is if the roles had been flipped and that had been Malcolm Brogdon with the drive instead of Grayson Allen, what would the call have been?

Dana O'Neil: Yes and yes, but the real issue is which came first? My gut says the travel, but honestly, it's easy for people with the luxury of Zapruder film analysis and slow motion to make that call. It's harder in the heat of the moment. People want to say it's because Duke gets all the calls, but I believe, in that situation, it's a really difficult call to make. The uniform name had nothing to do with it.

2. Any chance for a letdown from Kansas against Oklahoma State?

Katz: Nope. The Jayhawks are locked in now. I don't see them fading. This is now Kansas' Big 12 championship to lose.

Goodman: Nope. No shot. Oklahoma State is without its starting backcourt of Phil Forte and Jawun Evans. Forte, one of the top perimeter shooters in the country, has missed most of the season with an elbow injury. Evans, one of the top freshmen in the nation, has been out the past three games with a shoulder injury. This game could be ugly.

O'Neil: I'd be surprised. Jayhawks coach Bill Self was asked about that after Kansas beat Oklahoma. He said that having lost to Oklahoma State earlier this season, he can't imagine his team being flat. I agree with him. The Big 12 title means something to this team.

3. Which team has the most at stake this week?

Katz: Temple. The Owls can silence any critics with a home win over No. 1 Villanova and retain a decent seed next month.

Goodman: Texas A&M. This is a program that faltered down the stretch a year ago -- and did not get into the NCAA tournament. Just two weeks ago, the Aggies were a top 10 team. Now they have lost four straight and are in dire need of a win. It should come against Ole Miss at home on Tuesday night, and then Billy Kennedy's team can really get back on track with a home contest against Kentucky on Saturday on Gameday.

O'Neil: I'm going way off the grid here and saying two teams: Yale and Princeton. Undefeated Yale leads the Ivy League, with one-loss Princeton right behind, and the Bulldogs visit the Tigers on Friday night. In a one-bid, no-tournament conference, that's about as big a game as you'll find.