Fan salutes Jim Boeheim with tattoo

Fans with tattoos commonly get their favorite team's logo or maybe its mascot, but rarely do they tattoo an image of the head coach on their body.

But that's exactly what 28-year-old Richard Miner asked for Wednesday when he walked into Tymeless Tattoo in Baldwinsville, New York, and had tattoo artist Kyle Proia ink his best Jim Boeheim on Miner's leg.

"I'm a lifelong Syracuse fan," said Miner, a chef at a barbecue restaurant in Syracuse. "He's done remarkable things for the program for more than four decades."

After finding the perfect shot, Proia worked on Miner for about 3½ hours before the tattoo was completed. Miner said the tattoo cost $200.

Miner said he has 40 tattoos, but this is his first sports-themed one.

The image of the tattoo made its way through social media circles and in the local press, but Miner hasn't heard from the coach himself yet.

"He'll either be flattered or ask me why I picked that horrible image of him," Miner said.

Boeheim seemed amused when asked about Miner's tattoo.

"I would wear long pants for the rest of my life," Boeheim told ESPN's Jeff Goodman.

Boeheim has a 948-320 record at Syracuse, where he started his head-coaching career in 1976.