Key numbers for Final Four

Aaron Harrison and Kentucky scored 1.20 points per possession against Notre Dame. Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday Truths, where I track how well the four teams heading to Indianapolis have done so far in the NCAA tournament on a per-possession basis.

Before I consider what the past two weekends have taught us about Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin and Michigan State, let me offer one across-the-board conclusion based on the numbers. (And I know you've heard me say this before. It cannot be said enough.)

Pace won't matter at the Final Four. Everyone has played at very nearly the same exact tempo up to this point in the tournament. If anyone tries to tell you that "controlling the pace will be key," have that person forfeit their Hoops Analysis Thought Leader Card immediately. (I keep mine laminated and visible at all times.)

Kentucky has been a hair faster than the field simply because Hampton decided to let the tempo chips fall where they may and played a 75-possession game against the Wildcats in the round of 64. Otherwise all four of these teams -- yes, even Wisconsin -- have been uncannily similar in the speed at which they've played in the 2015 NCAA tournament.

Now, with that generic observation duly noted, let's consider each of these teams in order of tournament scoring margin.