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Tuesday, July 3
Updated: July 11, 5:44 AM ET
Out With a Bang

Fittingly, Ichiro had the first hit of the 2001 All-Star Game and, in a plot baseball fans everywhere can embrace, Cal Ripken hit the first homer. Cal, 40, made his 19th and final appearance in the Midsummer Classic memorable. He started at shortstop when Alex Rodriguez moved to third base and his homer was the defining moment of the AL's 4-1 victory, its fifth straight over the NL.
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2001 Midseason Report Index
Check out how your favorite team fared in the first half of the 2001 season.
Stark: Gonzalez remains unknown
Luis Gonzalez went into Monday's Home Run Derby a big underdog. He came away as the big winner.
Berkman has the look of a star
Lance Berkman wasn't assured a starting spot at the start of the year. Now he's a premiere hitter.
Ichiro is shining example of Japan's baseball prowess
Ichiro was his usual guarded self during formal interviews Monday. But don't think he wasn't happy to be there.
Stark: All-Star Rumblings & Grumblings
As the Cliff Floyd vs. Bobby Valentine saga raged on, Floyd is thankful he made it to Seattle.
Seattle fans deserve everything they're getting
Owners of baseball's best team and the All-Star Game, the spotlight is shining on Seattle.
Campbell: All-Star remedies
How can the All-Star Game be improved? ESPN's Dave Campbell has two suggestions.
Morgan: When it was a game
ESPN's Joe Morgan says the All-Star Game is no longer a fierce interleague competition.
Bradley: Hats off
How did The Magazine become the first major publication to get Ichiro to pose for a cover? It just took a little negotiating.
Burroughs, Dunn about to hit the majors
Sean Burroughs and Adam Dunn, perhaps the minors' two top hitting prospects, are close to getting the Call.
All-Star winners and MVPs
Find out which league has won 10 of the past 13 All-Star Games and check the MVP winners.

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 All-Star Game
SportsCenter's 2001 MLB All-Star Game highlights (Courtesy: MLB).
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 Star gazing
Cal Ripken joins ESPN's Rich Eisen to discuss the emotions of playing his final All-Star Game.
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 All-Star Game
Baseball's best marvel at Cal Ripken's dynamic farewell to All-Star play.
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 All-Star Game
Tommy Lasorda and Mike Piazza show concern following the infamous "bat incident" (Courtesy: MLB).
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 Home Run Derby
Jason Giambi eclipses the single-round home run record with 14 long balls (Courtesy: MLB).
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 Home Run Derby
Luis Gonzalez heats up in the finals and captures the home run crown (Courtesy: MLB).
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