ESPN's American League All-Stars

In advance of the All-Star Game selections on Sunday, ESPN.com surveyed 31 of ESPN's top baseball minds to find out which American League players should start in the 80th Midsummer Classic on July 14 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Following are our voting results and the choices at each position. (Stats are through Wednesday's games.) Who do you think should start for the American League? Register your vote.

ESPN's National League All-Stars

CATCHER: Joe Mauer, Twins

No one's close to Mauer, who already has set a career high in homers.

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ESPN voting: Mauer (26); Victor Martinez (5)

FIRST BASE: Justin Morneau, Twins

Morneau, who leads AL first basemen in RBIs, narrowly beat out Youkilis.

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Voting: Morneau (12); Kevin Youkilis (10); Mark Teixeira (5); Miguel Cabrera (4)

SECOND BASE: Aaron Hill, Blue Jays

Quite a comeback season for Hill, who missed 108 games in '08.

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Voting: Hill (22); Ian Kinsler (6); Dustin Pedroia (2); Ben Zobrist (1)

THIRD BASE: Evan Longoria, Rays

Our only unanimous AL pick, Longoria, is set to be a perennial All-Star.

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Voting: Longoria (31)

SHORTSTOP: Derek Jeter, Yankees

Bartlett gave him a strong battle, but Jeter is still the man.

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Voting: Jeter (17); Jason Bartlett (13); Marco Scutaro (1)

OUTFIELD: Torii Hunter, Angels

Hunter has been golden with the glove and the bat for the Angels.

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OUTFIELD: Jason Bay, Red Sox

Bay's performance has made Red Sox Nation forget about Manny.

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OUTFIELD: Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners

Want 200 hits and Gold Glove defense? No one's as automatic as Ichiro.

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Voting: Hunter (29); Bay (25); Ichiro (23); Carl Crawford (11); Zobrist (4); Juan Rivera (1)

STARTING PITCHER: Zack Greinke, Royals

Many predicted a Cy Young for Greinke, who hasn't disappointed.

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Voting: Greinke (27); Roy Halladay (2); Felix Hernandez (2)