Robinson Cano: Fans crossed line

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano took it in stride when fans at Kauffman Stadium booed him throughout the All-Star Game festivities this week. But he said Royals fans "crossed the line" when they subjected his family to similar treatment during the Home Run Derby on Monday.

Cano told reporters Tuesday night that fans yelled at his family members, including his mother, when they left their seats to go to the restroom during the Derby. He declined to be more specific but said he believed the fans went too far.

"This is a game," Cano said. "We're All-Stars. And if I get booed, I don't really care. But when they start with your family, that's over the line.

"Thank God they didn't do anything more (than yell). You don't want people to take it too far and do something to your family. It's just a game. You want to have fun with it and go home with some good memories."

Cano was a magnet for attention for two straight nights at Kauffman Stadium. On Monday, fans booed him mercilessly for leaving Kansas City DH Billy Butler off the American League's Home Run Derby team after he had pledged to include a Royal. Cano, the AL's captain and defending Derby champion, failed to hit a single homer in the competition.

The fans treated Cano roughly again during the National League's 8-0 victory Tuesday. Cano popped out and singled in two at-bats before leaving the game in the fifth inning.

Commissioner Bud Selig said Tuesday that MLB might consider a rule to include a hometown slugger in future home run derbies to alleviate potential controversies. Last year in Arizona, fans booed NL Home Run Derby captain Prince Fielder of the Brewers for leaving Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton off his team.

Cano picked Fielder, now of the Tigers, Jose Bautista and Mark Trumbo for the AL derby squad at the expense of Butler. They finished 1-2-3 in the competition.

"It was a tough decision," Cano said. "It's easy to understand how fans want to see the kid from their hometown. But the fans need to understand, we're not doing it because we don't like other players. We just want to pick the people we think are going to put on a good show for the fans."

ESPN Deportes' Hiram Martinez contributed to this report.