Five fun Home Run Derby candidates

Now that Troy Tulowitzki and Jose Bautista have been named the NL and AL captains, respectively, for the Home Run Derby, here are some fun candidates they should consider as they pick the teams.

Ben Revere, Phillies

It took 1,466 at-bats, but Revere finally hit his first career home run last month. The man is on fire! If he got hold of a pitch (and the wind was blowing out), he could hit another one in the Derby. Maybe. Still, he would hit at least as many as Robinson Cano in 2012 (0).


Derek Jeter, Yankees

Hey, the beloved player is retiring, so let's see him as much as possible before he goes. (Heck, maybe they should bring him in to pitch the eighth, as Mariano Rivera did.) If we really want to see Mr. November hit a home run, though, they should delay Jeter's Derby round until just after midnight on Halloween.


Travis Wood, Cubs

He's a pitcher, but Wood has as many homers (2) as Billy Butler, Joe Mauer, Ryan Zimmerman and Will Middlebrooks, and more than Shane Victorino and J.J. Hardy. Wood also homered three times last year. Hmmm. Maybe San Diego could boost its offense by trading for him and batting him cleanup.


Billy Butler, Royals

No, I don't really want to see a guy in the Derby who has a grand total of two home runs this year and hit only 15 last season. I just want Kansas City fans to quit booing Cano for not picking Butler to his 2012 Derby squad. Give it a rest, people!


Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins

OK, here's one legit guy I really want to see in the Derby. Stanton not only hits a lot of home runs, but he hits bombs that give you neck strain (or whiplash). And to really impress, he should be allowed to use an aluminum bat so he can hit one into the Mississippi.