WINMatt GarzaM. Garza(2-4)5.0 IP, 1 ER, 7 K, 3 BB
LOSSJake WestbrookJ. Westbrook(2-3)2.1 IP, 5 ER, 1 K, 1 BB

Cardinals Hitting

R. TheriotSS2-331211114.287.340.318
J. JayRF1-11010005.250.400.417
C. RasmusCF2-550210014.303.390.458
A. Pujols1B1-330121019.270.342.440
M. BoggsP0-00000000.000.000.000
M. BatistaP0-00000000.000.000.000
c - Y. MolinaPH0-11000003.279.325.404
M. HollidayLF0-22000028.386.474.588
a - A. CraigPH-LF0-22000017.279.367.419
L. BerkmanRF0-330000218.357.444.705
T. GreeneRF-SS0-11000007.244.311.341
G. LairdC1-441100319.222.300.389
N. Punto2B2-332201015.260.356.380
D. Descalso3B0-220002018.237.310.368
J. WestbrookP0-00000002.143.143.214
J. MotteP0-00000000.000.000.000
R. FranklinP0-11000013.000.000.000
b - M. HamiltonPH-1B0-22000009.250.308.333
c-grounded to shortstop for M Batista in the 9th
a-flied out to right for M Holliday in the 6th
b-flied out to left for R Franklin in the 7th
  • Batting
  • 2B:
    N Punto (2, M Garza); G Laird (4, J Samardzija)
  • RBI:
    R Theriot (11), C Rasmus (15), A Pujols 2 (24)
  • 2Out RBI:
    C Rasmus, A Pujols 2
  • SH:
    J Westbrook
  • GIDP:
    M Hamilton
  • Team RISP:
    4-12 (M Hamilton 0-1, D Descalso 0-2, Y Molina 0-1, R Franklin 0-1, R Theriot 2-2, C Rasmus 1-3, A Craig 0-1, A Pujols 1-1)
  • Team LOB:
  • Fielding
  • E:
    C Rasmus (1, ground ball)
  • DP:
    1 (R Theriot-A Pujols)
  • Assists:
    C Rasmus (A Ramirez at Home); M Holliday (K Fukudome at Home)

Cardinals Pitching

J. Westbrook (L,2-3)2.165511057-316.9257
J. Motte0.221002017-121.6917
R. Franklin3.074402054-389.4954
M. Boggs1.021102016-133.5716
M. Batista1.00000005-40.565
  • Pitching
  • First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:
    J Westbrook 4-14; J Motte 3-4; R Franklin 11-14; M Boggs 5-5; M Batista 2-3
  • Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:
    J Westbrook 11-3-6-11; J Motte 3-5-2-2; R Franklin 8-4-14-12; M Boggs 5-3-2-3; M Batista 1-0-0-3
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    J Westbrook 3-2; J Motte 0-0; R Franklin 4-2; M Boggs 1-0; M Batista 0-3
  • Game Scores:
    J Westbrook 25

Cubs Hitting

K. FukudomeRF2-441200113.349.456.395
J. SamardzijaP0-00000000.000.000.000
J. BergP0-11000004.000.000.000
S. MarshallP0-00000000.000.000.000
D. Barney2B1-551100020.325.349.415
M. ByrdCF2-441200018.308.336.392
A. Ramirez3B2-33121009.295.352.380
b - J. BakerPH-3B0-22000005.333.353.455
C. Pena1B2-332221118.228.354.348
S. CastroSS4-443430015.324.351.426
A. SorianoLF2-441220114.250.277.548
K. HillC2-441220112.200.304.500
M. GarzaP0-220000211.056.056.056
a - T. ColvinPH-RF0-220010110.117.197.267
b-grounded to shortstop for A Ramirez in the 6th
a-grounded to shortstop for M Garza in the 5th
  • Batting
  • 2B:
    C Pena (2, J Westbrook); K Fukudome (4, R Franklin); K Hill (1, M Boggs)
  • 3B:
    S Castro (3, R Franklin); K Hill (1, R Franklin)
  • RBI:
    A Ramirez (15), C Pena 2 (12), S Castro 3 (16), A Soriano 2 (23), K Hill 2 (3), T Colvin (8)
  • GIDP:
    J Baker
  • Team RISP:
    7-13 (C Pena 1-1, T Colvin 0-2, K Hill 0-1, A Soriano 2-3, S Castro 2-2, A Ramirez 1-1, M Byrd 1-1, D Barney 0-1, J Berg 0-1)
  • Team LOB:
  • Fielding
  • E:
    A Soriano (3, ground ball)
  • DP:
    2 (C Pena, D Barney-S Castro-C Pena)

Cubs Pitching

M. Garza (W,2-4)5.031137085-504.1785
J. Samardzija1.243311033-203.4333
J. Berg1.100002020-132.8920
S. Marshall1.020010023-120.6023
  • Pitching
  • WP:
    M Garza
  • HBP:
    M Byrd (By J Westbrook)
  • First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced:
    M Garza 10-20; J Samardzija 5-10; J Berg 2-4; S Marshall 3-5
  • Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes:
    M Garza 13-9-18-10; J Samardzija 5-4-3-8; J Berg 3-2-6-2; S Marshall 4-1-3-4
  • Ground Balls-Fly Balls:
    M Garza 1-6; J Samardzija 1-3; J Berg 1-1; S Marshall 3-0
  • Game Scores:
    M Garza 61

Scoring Summary

3rdR Theriot reached on infield single to pitcher, N Punto scored, D Descalso to third.10
3rdA Ramirez singled to left, K Fukudome scored, D Barney to third, M Byrd to second.11
3rdC Pena doubled to left center, D Barney and M Byrd scored, A Ramirez to third.13
3rdS Castro singled to center, A Ramirez and C Pena scored, S Castro to third on error by center fielder C Rasmus.15
3rdA Soriano singled to shallow center, S Castro scored.16
5thS Castro tripled to deep right center, C Pena scored.17
5thA Soriano singled to center, S Castro scored.18
5thK Hill tripled to right, A Soriano scored.19
5thT Colvin grounded out to shortstop, K Hill scored.110
7thC Rasmus reached on infield single to shortstop, G Laird scored, N Punto to third, R Theriot to second.210
7thA Pujols singled to left center, N Punto and R Theriot scored, C Rasmus to third.410
7thK Hill doubled to left, S Castro scored.411