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Friday, December 27
Down on the Farm archive

By John Sickels
Special to

Dec. 27: Mailbag: Braves shouldn't expect to get much from Estrada
Dec. 21: More Rule 5 analysis
Dec. 17: Rule 5 first-round analysis
Dec. 16: Prospects in trades
Dec. 14: Mailbag: Do Mariners have an unknown gem in Madritsch?
Dec. 10: Franklyn German (Detroit Tigers)
Dec. 6: Mailbag: Wainwright has No. 1 potential for Braves
Dec. 4: Ricardo Rodriguez (Cleveland Indians)
Nov. 29: Mailbag: Is Berroa ready to contribute in majors for Royals?
Nov. 26: Ken Harvey (Kansas City Royals)
Nov. 22: Mailbag: Do Phils have two gems in Utley and Machado?
Nov. 19: Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins)
Nov. 15: Mailbag: Comparing Soriano to players from the past
Nov. 13: Soriano's unique year
Nov. 8: Mailbag: Is Williams ready for the bigs with Giants?
Nov. 6: Top middle-infield prospects
Oct. 31: Mailbag: Is the Marlins' Hooper an Eckstein clone?
Oct. 29: Top catching prospects
Oct. 26: Mailbag: Looking back on a young Eckstein
Oct. 24: Rocco Baldelli (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
Oct. 16: The building of the Giants
Oct. 12: Mailbag: What is the state of the D-Backs' farm system?
Oct. 9: Jesse Foppert (San Francisco Giants)
Oct. 5: Mailbag: Who are best high school-drafted pitching prospects?
Oct. 2: Jose Reyes (New York Mets)
Sept. 27: Mailbag: A's system stocked with plenty of promising arms
Sept. 24: Hee Seop Choi (Chicago Cubs)
Sept. 20: Mailbag: Can Rivera fill a corner outfield spot for Yanks in '03?
Sept. 18: 2002 first-round draft class
Sept. 13: Mailbag: Is Utley ready to replace Rolen in Philly?
Sept. 10: Joe Borchard (Chicago White Sox)
Sept. 6: Mailbag: Searching for that long lost prospect
Sept. 4: Chad Tracy (Arizona Diamondbacks)
Aug. 30: Mailbag: Are White Sox set at second base with Harris?
Aug. 28: Jason Arnold (Oakland Athletics)
Aug. 23: Mailbag: Fielder enjoying early success
Aug. 20: Victor Martinez (Cleveland Indians)
Aug. 16: Mailbag: How does Byrd project as a big leaguer?
Aug. 15: Top rookie surprises
Aug. 8: Mailbag: Pirates' system on the rise
Aug. 6: How have rookies performed?
Aug. 2: Mailbag: What lies ahead for Reds prospect Larson?
July 31: Brett Myers (Philadelphia Phillies)
July 27: Mailbag: Do Braves have star pitcher in the making in Hodges?
July 24: Runelvys Hernandez (Kansas City Royals)
July 23: Mailbag: Will a strike have an impact on minor leaguers?
July 18: Potential AL callups
July 18: Potential NL callups
July 12: Mailbag: Yankees gave up too much in acquiring Weaver
July 12: Mark Teixeira (Texas Rangers)
July 11: Where do All-Stars come from?
July 5: Mailbag: Will Crawford be a definite star in majors?
July 2: Prospects in trades
July 2: Marlon Byrd (Philadelphia Phillies)
June 28: Mailbag: Sizing up the Giants' young arms
June 26: Jake Peavy (San Diego Padres)
June 21: Mailbag: Who'll be better, Prior or Beckett?
June 18: 1997 NL draft review
June 14: Mailbag: Did Mariners promote Soriano to majors too fast?
June 11: 1997 AL draft review
June 7: Mailbag: In this his third chance, will Harrington finally sign?
June 6: Juan Rivera (New York Yankees)
June 5: June draft: First-round analysis
June 3: Mailbag: Do Phillies have a replacement for Rolen?
May 29: Guys who deserve a shot
May 25: Mailbag: Can't go wrong with either McClung or Brazelton
May 23: Top NL catching prospects
May 21: Dynamic Duos
May 16: Mailbag: Soriano reminds of a young Samuel
May 14: Top AL catching prospects
May 10: Mailbag: Is Thurston in the Dodgers' plans for the future?
May 8: Brandon Phillips (Montreal Expos)
May 3: Mailbag: Does Petrick have a future in Colorado?
April 30: Dewon Brazelton (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)
April 26: Mailbag: Padres' system stocked with solid young arms
April 23: Top NL lefty prospects
April 20: Mailbag: Joe Borchard vs. Adam Dunn
April 16: Top AL lefty prospects
April 11: Mailbag: New stadium wouldn't assure saving the Twins
April 9: Mark Prior (Chicago Cubs)
April 5: Mailbag: Plenty of question marks surround ChiSox pitchers
April 3: NL rookies to watch
April 2: AL rookies to watch
March 20: Mailbag: Does Wooten have a chance to stick with M's?
March 5: Mailbag: Are high school pitchers worthy of being top picks?
Feb 9: A few Pirate points

10 rookies to watch
Jon Rauch
Hank Blalock
Kurt Ainsworth
Morgan Ensberg
Mike Cuddyer
Juan Cruz
Sean Burroughs
Nick Johnson
Carlos Pena
Josh Beckett

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