Palmeiro clears waivers

We're not sure who wants any part of him -- other than Congress. But Rafael Palmeiro cleared waivers Friday, according to sources. Which means he's one of the few high-profile players who can be traded anywhere through Aug. 31.

However, three other players who were the subject of massive trade talks before the July 31 trading deadline -- Tampa Bay's Aubrey Huff, Danys Baez and Julio Lugo -- were all blocked, meaning they can no longer be dealt this month.

Sources have indicated that almost every prominent relief pitcher whose name came up in July trading discussions has been claimed.

Among the July All-Trade Rumor Team members who still hadn't been placed on waivers at last look were Manny Ramirez, A.J. Burnett, Jeff Weaver, Jason Johnson and Jose Mesa.

Here's an updated list of players who have -- and haven't -- cleared waivers this month, according to a number of sources:



Jayson Stark is a senior writer for ESPN.com.